Sunday, January 22, 2017

Holding Up the Universe

A new book by Jennifer Niven that I recently read was Holding up the Universe. I thought the book was great. It has had some difficult reviews, but I loved the characters of Libby and Jack.

Libby is a 16 year old student that has recently lost about 300 pounds. Prior to this she ate herself to 600 plus pounds and had to rescued and cut out of her home. She started back to high school and hadn't been in public school since the 5th grade. Even though she had lost the weight there were still many students out there making her life difficult and making fun of her due to her weight.

Jack is a 17 year old student who first encounters Libby at school by dare from some friends at school. He grabbed her in the cafeteria and Libby punched. Because of this they were both sent to the office and had to work on community service projects together. Allowing them to become friends or possibly more.

Give the book a chance, it really was well written and is a book worth reading.

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